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Annicken R. Day

Born and bred Norwegian, Annicken R. Day is the author of the novel Fly, Butterfly, a personal and professional metamorphosis story which in many ways is inspired by Annicken's own life, career and personal choices. 
After 15 years as an executive in the IT industry, Annicken jumped off the corporate treadwheel and started her own company, Corporate Spring, in 2012. Since then Annicken has spoken for tens of thousands of leaders from stages around the world, and she and the Corporate Spring team have trained thousands of leaders in on how to build thriving cultures, high performing teams and successful businesses. Corporate Spring has some of the world's leading companies on their client list. 
Annicken is a sought-after international keynote speaker, moderator, advisor for a number of global executives , writer, author and a passionate maverick for new ways of working, thinking and leading.
When Annicken isn't traveling for work, she spends the majority of her time between Scandinavia and California where also her daughter Matilde lives. 

The story behind Fly, Butterfly

As a young girl growing up in Norway, I fell in love with old Hollywood movies, especially the musical South Pacific from 1958. When I came to the Hawaiian island Kaua’i thirty years later,  right after having quit my corporate job, I was in for a surprise! Not only did I learn that South Pacific had been filmed on Kaua'i, and  that the mystical island of Bali Ha’i, that always had fascinated me, indeed existed. I also got the idea for the story about Maya William's, a story that would stay with me for  years, making sure I would write it down. 
It's been quite a magical writing process; when it started I had no idea how it would end, and I was as surprised about some of the twists and turns the story took as I've heard that some of my readers have been . 
The Fly, Butterfly story is in many ways a heroine's journey; a woman who after having had to question herself and who she had becomegoes on a self exploration journey where she meets her teachers, learns her lessons, tests out her new philopsophies, and creates the kind of life that she wants for herself - with all the challenges those choices entails. 
Maya's story is inspired by many true events, my own life philosophy and by the choices I've made in my own life; all presented in an inspiring fictional story. 
I hope the story will entertain you, inspire you, make you reflect, think and dream. But most of all; I hope it will make you want to fly!

Come Fly With Me Video Series

Have you read the book? 

Are you curious to learn about the real life experiences that inspired the story - and perhaps reflect deeper on some of the themes from the book? 

Do you feel inspired to take a few steps on your own growth journey and are looking for some ideas and advice along the way?

Then this 6-part video series is made for you! 

See the First Video for


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