Life is too short to do something that doesn't bring you joy.


We are all perfectly imperfect beings and shouldn't be afraid to show our flaws.


You are in control of your thoughts, actions, and destiny.



Happy Life Happy Work is an online community created to help people find more happiness in life and at work. It’s founded by bestselling author and founder of Corporate Spring, Annicken R. Day who has spent most of her career helping leaders and teams around the world build thriving and joyful high-performing cultures.

For the last decade, Annicken and her team have helped some of the world’s leading companies rediscover their purpose and values, build trust, embrace growth mindsets, and unleash new levels of passion and joy in their teams. Annicken not only finds it incredibly meaningful to see the professional transformation that happens with the teams and companies she works with, but even more so to see the personal transformation that happens to those people.

The feedback that she has received over the years from both her readers and from Corporate Spring's clients reminded her that happiness in life and at work is not something most people take for granted. In fact, many told her that they want it but don't know how to.​ ​

Annicken was inspired to create the Happy Life Happy Work community to make the tools and methods she has developed and shared with her clients accessible to more people. Her mission is to bring greater levels of happiness in life and at work to everyone!