Happy Life Happy Work is a learning platform that provides tools and online courses for personal and professional growth.

The company is founded by Annicken R. Day, founder & CEO of Corporate Spring  and bestselling author of Fly, Butterfly. Annicken has spent most of her career building thriving, high-performing organizations and help leaders and teams make their culture a strategy for growth. 

While Annicken and her Corporate Spring team have witnessed tremendous improvement with their business clients; improved collaboration, employee engagement and business performance, they have seen just as big transformations happen on the participants' personal level. The feedback has been that people have learned new and effective tools and mindsets that have brought them higher levels of happiness, joy and success, both at work and in their private lives.  

Receiving similar feedback from her keynote talks and the readers of her novel Fly, Butterfly, Annicken decided to make the tools and methods that she share with her  business clients and readers available to everyone.

And that's how Happy Life Happy Work was born



Corporate Spring is a culture and leadership consultancy founded by former Chief Culture Officer at Tandberg and Cisco, and bestselling author, Annicken R. Day.

For the last ten years, the global team of highly experienced executives, business psychologists, innovators, and change makers, have helped some of the world’s leading companies make their culture a strategy for growth.

Through the science-based and holistic Corporate Spring Model they provide a methodical, practical, and enjoyable process that help their clients go from where they are to where they need to be to succeed in the new world of work.

The Corporate Spring experts help leaders, from startup founders to Fortune 500 executives, embrace new ways of leading and build human-centered, joyful cultures that attract talent, retain them, and inspire people to give their best every day.

Happy people are good for business! 

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